Because nothing last forever.

Wed Feb 17 21:41:28 UTC 2021 api and cli are completed, moved out of aws and went to vultr for hosting.

Mon Feb 15 03:32:54 UTC 2021 notifications possible via an rss feed, not the way I expected to do this at all, but I really don't like how push notifications and the modern web works.

Wed Nov 11 04:02:59 UTC 2020 Beta it is! First security layer have been added, no obvious bugs. much more to do, both features/UI and security wise but it works™

Sat Oct 31 23:02:48 UTC 2020 not comfortable calling it beta yet still obvious bugs to fix but file preview, file upload, room destruction, and signigicant improvement to the UI have been made

Sun Oct 4 04:27:19 UTC 2020 file upload works, automated the deployments, nothing in it for the users, but will help me

Wed Sep 2 01:59:52 UTC 2020 still in alpha, next feature : file upload within the chatroom

Sat Aug 29 18:59:14 UTC 2020 Launching this site in alpha release, a ton of features & improvements will be required :)
next planned feature : room destruction